We leverage social to make your brand culturally relevant.

Social Media

Social Media Strategy

Influence thru engaging content. Control thru strategic targeting. Develop a 360-degree approach to social channel optimization based on market leaders, consumer stats, and competitor analysis.

Social Listening

Expertise through reputation control and strategic action. Identify and assess what people say about your company, brand, or product across all social platforms.

Influencer Marketing

A familiar voice creating authority and trust. Identify influencers, ambassadors, and partners your audience respects and leverage them to amplify your post’s reach and impact.

Audience Engagement

High fives all around. Regular interaction humanizes your brand and gives you a chance to be part of the conversation. Questions are answered, service inquiries are sent to the appropriate channel.

Branded Content


Social media influencers are the modern-day Rolling Stone. When your brand gains social spotlight, everyone sees it. Our paid influencers rep your message and drive traffic right to your website.

Live Capture & Stories

What’s happening now, in the moment? Live capture allows your brand to be part of the action as it happens, reporting from the front lines thru image messaging multimedia platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram Stories.

Long & Short Form Video

With rapid-fire edits ranging from :30 to 2:00 in length, your message is delivered to audiences in a manner compatible with today’s high-speed digital climate. Long-form video allows us to slow it down and build a relationship between the audience and your brand.

Creative Studio

Video Content

Video creation is an art, and your brand is the palette. Video content is now the top way to engage users on social media. We’ll craft the perfect cinematic storyline to get people talking.


We bring stills to life at LFA through precision shooting, editing, and finishing.

Graphic Design

LFA’s graphic team builds everything from infographics to backdrops, all with your brand, niche, and project in mind.


Our team works with you to bring digital footage to life, giving motion to still imagery and rotation to the straight and narrow.